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Located in the historic fort worth stockyards, mule alley will provide visitors with a modern shopping, dining and entertainment experience. From its roots as an outpost for cowboys driving cattle to market along the famous Chisholm Trail to its growth to become the one of the largest livestock-trading centers in the U.S., the Stockyards played a vital role in shaping the history of this legendary Texas town.

Where western
comes alive

Today, the Stockyards Historic District attracts 3 million annual visitors who come to experience a piece of the past, from the world’s only twice-daily cattle drive to tours, re-enactments, live animals, restaurants, shopping, rodeo and more. The planned upgrades will bring new merchants and artisans to this existing market, continuing the stockyards' role as the center for commerce and culture in the fort worth area.

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Mule Alley is located in the
Fort Worth Stockyards at

122 E Exchange Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76164

A Stockyards Heritage Development Co. Project

Through this project, a public/private partnership with the City of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Mule Alley re-emerges as a sensitively restored destination within the Stockyards Historic District. The $175 million renovation and ground-up development is complete and open to visitors. Stockyards Heritage Development Co. is a partnership between Hickman Companies and Majestic Realty Co.